There once was a hugely fun little boyfish swimming the oceans of childhood.  This little guy was so cool, that his friends called him “Chill” instead of Bill.  He really wasn’t the prettiest of all, but his fun attitude made up for all of that.  This made him 1st choice for the insanely beautiful girlfish called “Bella”.  She was so pretty that her lack of creativity and fun was all forgotten the moment you looked in her eyes.  Chill and Bella really made a great couple and soon their firstborn was there.  This little guy had the looks of his mother and the fun attitude of his father.  It was the perfect mix and thus they called him “Chilla”.

The little Chillafish soon grew up and went to college to learn how to make more Chillafish with all his own qualities: fun, playful, beautiful.  After some years of experience he talked to some bigfish investors about his plans to bring the Chillafish values to the wide world out there, so all kids in and out the water could enjoy playing the way they deserve.  Together they set up The CHILLAFISH Company, with a determination to bring the Chillafish values to the wide world.  

To clearly state what we stand for, we chose for a very straightforward company motto that just says what we are: we are play innovation !  The CHILLAFISH Company N.V. was established in 2011 with first product introductions planned by the end of 2011 and early 2012.  We gladly invite you to regularly check back, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see more play innovation coming your way.

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